Our New Life Begins Because of the Resurrection

May 4, 2016

Immediately after Yeshua’s resurrection, he appeared to Miriam of Magdala and she didn’t recognize him, and then, other disciples who were also surprised to see him. When his disciple, Thomas, heard that Yeshua was alive, he said he needed proof so he could believe such a wild story. So Yeshua appeared to Thomas, and gave him the proof he needed.

In this season of counting the omer, the count begins with the Resurrection, and culminates in Shavuot (Pentecost). It’s a perfect picture of the fact that our new life begins because of the Resurrection, and that Yeshua keeps appearing in our paths and making himself real, when we least expect to see him, and even when we doubt him or don’t recognize him!

We serve an awesome God!